Terms of Service
About Application Form

・Please make sure to save the data on your document before you leave your computer.
・After you finished filling out the application form, save it and send us via email within 1 week.

Page Number

・Your website will be a 5-page website. You are free to add new pages after publishing the website.


・Please do not use any platform dependent characters or special characters. If there are any, we will change it as needed.
・Please be aware that some of the pages have a limited number of text.


・You can use our MegaMail service for free. Your account information will be on your applcation form.
・Image file formats are must be JPEG, JPG, or GIF.
・The width of the header image should be at least 1000 pixel.
・The size of  images to be posted on the website must be at least 300 pixels in height and 300 pixels in width.
・Regarding the images you provide, please be aware of copyright and portrait rights  at your own risk.
・Resizing images, correcting colors, and trimming are included in the service if needed, but other special editing is not be accepted.

Verify the Home page

・We will provide a test site first and publish the new website upon your approval.
・We will take care to avoid typographical errors, however if you find any, please let us know.
・We ask revisions be limited to one round. Please compile all changes you need at once.

Publish the Website

・The data of new website will be saved in the server of the hosting company you contract with.
・Please note that we do not save the data on CD-ROM and provide you.
・We will complete the order upon your approval.


・If we do not receive the required documents after 2 weeks, we will consider it a cancellation, and there is no fee.
・After creation of the test site, if we do not receive your reply within 5 business days we will consider it a cancellation, with a fee incurred.
・If you cancel the service after creation of test site, you have to pay for cancellation fee.


・Please see our Agreement from https://webdexpress.com/eng/page/agreement